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12 Inch White LED Digit Board

LED GAS PRICE SIGNS can be the preferred method of advertising for your company's service station. Consumers will almost certainly pick your store rather than the competitors. LED signs have proven to be Eight times more advantageous in comparison to printed signs. Incorperate a CASH / CREDIT alternative to your sign to draw much more business. Your brand-new signs can certainly help carry your business in places you are trying to go.
LED gas price signs
Why HIDLY LED Gas Price Signs?(LED Gas Price Signs Advantages:)
*LED gas price signs help your business grow more quickly
*Reduce liability concerns from manual price changing
*No extra cost or labor work for updating the LED gas price sign.
*Gas price sign get your customers attention from as far as 600 meters.
*Double your sales with Bright, high quality and long-lasting LED gas price signs. 
*User friendly remote:update the led gas price signs sitting in your store with the remote controller.
*Be noticed FIRST,from a very far distance,this is a onetime investment that will lead to a steady growth in your business.
LED gas price signs
LED Digital Board Specifications:
Name:12 Inch red LED digital board
Board size: 232*327mm
LED number:250pcs
Gas sign LED type:DIP
PCB material :FR4
Updated vervion:8
Power Input:DC15V
PCB thickness:1.6mm
Energy consumption:15w
Viewing angle:120 degree
Driver:constant current drive
Humidity range:10-80%RH
Temperature range:-10F-140F
Light sensor with automatic dimming
Digital number styles:8.888   8.889   8.88 9/10
Reduce liability concerns from manual price changing
Easy installation, with quick power and signal connections
Available in colors like red, green, yellow,white,blue,amber.
Wireless remote control with up to 300 feet direct line of sight
Packaging:wooden case+EPE foam or carton+EPE foam
1-year limited product warranty

LED gas price signs
AYD petroleum digit signs benefit fuel retailers in ways a changeable.  Capture the attention of consumers every time with our AYD petroleum price signs. Designed for easy installation, these displays are available in red, amber, green, blue or white with digits ranging from 8″ to 48″, and feature fully sealed components. Ability to quickly respond to changing prices, easy updates with high visibility, day or night Cutting-edge appearance.
● Simple to setup: ready to use out of the box (plug and play easy to install and operate)
● Available LED colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White.
● LED designed specifically for traffic: technology to prevent glare or reflection for an easier to ready display.
● Environmentally friendly: no mercury, making them a cleaner alternative to fluorescent and CFL Displays.
● High efficiency: the lowest energy consumption of any display product to date.
● Rust proof: high quality powder coated steel casing to prevent rusting.
● Light weight: allows for an easy installation.
● Automatic light Sensors: detects and adjusts the correct intensity for daytime or nighttime use.
● Made for easy mounting: brackets created for easy to mount on existing structure.
● Different sizes Available: multiple digit heights available 8”-72”
● Recommended temperature: range for usage -10F to 140F
● Temperature controls: maintains safe operation temperatures to make display last as long as possible.
● Industrial grade connectors: help prevent faulty contacts.
LED gas price signs

LED gas price signs

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