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 With the rapid development of LED gas signs for station signs industry, HIDLY (86-755-86682667)have grown new vitality again.In order to enable the customer to know more about gas station
sign process of the box,I give you a simple introduction!
  Step 1 Designing the size of box as what customer required.
   Design LED Gas Signs Board
Design LED Gas Signs Box
  Step 2 Selecting the modle.
  Step 3 Determining details:light color,the brightness of the light,circuit board of color(usually black),the outler hole position,open mode and so on.
  Step 4 Purchasing materials and processingcase(10days).
  Step 5 Welding processing board and 48 hours aging test.
  LED Gas Signs Aging!
  Step 6 Assembling the box.
    Assembling LED gas signs box
  Step 7 Secondary aging box.
    LED Gas Signs Box Aging!
  Step 8 Cleaning test package.
    Packing LED Gas Signs!
  Step 9 Logistics shipping(actual weight)
  Why the price of LED gas station signs is more expensive? And as we all know,our circuitboard is 1.6 thick,12ML of light chip,weling with gold thread,genuine materials.
  The signs of HIDLY,one-time investment,less manpower,attracting customers,increasing sales,operating safety.
  The characteristics of 7th generation LED gas station signs system:
1.LED gas controller No.:C7-270.
2.The products performance become more stabilization passed through hundreds of experiment,more than one hundred detail improvement,updated and upgraded for seven times.
3.According one side,two-side,three-side,it can merge the? signal port from the control card.
4.Each signal port can supply 32pcs digital boards,except unprogrammable boards,like 8/8 ,9/10.
5.With PWM brightness ajustment function Ajustment mode as below:1.Automaitcally adjust brightness with the changes of environment; 2.Adjust brightness by wireless remote control;3.Adjust brightness by computer software.
6.Accept unprogrammable digital boards,Eg 9/10.8/8 and symbols with brightness ajustment functions .
7.Multi-control ways; 1.50m wireless radio frequency remote control; 2.Connect with computer,control though computer software; 3.External GPRS,control through long-distance computer.
8.Single Digital or the whole line digitals can be hidden by setting.
9.Every Decimal point can be controlled to turn on or off freely by owner.
10.The whole digital signs can be flashing together by setting.
11.9 Grades of Flashing speed:the highest 0.1second/time,the slowest 2 seond/time.the lighting peried is same to un-lighting peried.
12.The present running time can be queried out by our new control system.
13.The total running time can be queried out by our new control system.
14.The format of time display: DDDDHHMMSS。Max format ;9999 day 99 hours 59 mins 59 seconds。
15.5 kinds of humanization testing and aging modes.
16.Real-time monitoring for the program running,any abnormals,the control system can Recovery operation by itself.
17.It has real-time inspection for the effectiveness of the display datas.once error comes,symbol showing “----”.
18.Working temperature:-40--80℃.
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