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12 Inch Red Gas Price Signs:GAS12Z8888R

Why HIDLY Red LED Gas Price Signs?(LED Gas Price Signs Advantages):

*Multiple digit heights available 4”-48”.

*Light weight: allows for an easy installation.

*Available LED colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white.

*Reduce liability concerns from manual price changing.

*Industrial grade connectors: help prevent faulty contacts.

*LED gas price signs help your business grow more quickly.

*All displays are tested and rated to work at least 100,000 hours.

*No extra cost or labor work for updating the LED gas price sign.

*Gas price sign get your customers attention from as far as 600 meters.

*High efficiency: the lowest energy consumption of any display product to date.

*Double your sales with bright, high quality and long-lasting LED gas price signs. 

*Made for easy mounting: brackets created for easy to mount on existing structure.

*120 Degree viewing angle allows for an increased viewing time over the competition.

*Simple to setup: ready to use out of the box (plug and play easy to install and operate).

Automatic light Sensors: detects and adjusts the correct intensity for daytime or nighttime use.

*User friendly remote:update the led gas price signs sitting in your store with the remote controller.

*Environmentally friendly: no mercury, making them a cleaner alternative to fluorescent and CFL Displays.

*LED designed specifically for traffic: technology to prevent glare or reflection for an easier to ready display.

*Intelligent temperature control maintains safe operation temperatures to make display last as long as possible.

*Be noticed FIRST,from a very far distance,this is a onetime investment that will lead to a steady growth in your business.

*Brightness can be set from remote control or can be set to "Auto” for automatic brightness changes between night and day.

LED  gas price signs

12 Inch Red LED Gas Price Signs Specifications:



*Viewing angle:120 degree

*Low energy consumption

*Humidity Range: 10-80%RH

*Temperature range:-10F-140F

*Link additional displays with ease

*Power Input: 100-240VAC , 60Hz/50Hz

*Brightness: 5000 cd/m2 over 9000 NITS

*UL-listed for quality and safety assurance

*Mount onto existing signs or into new builds

*Control up to sixteen displays with one remote

*Light sensor with automatic dimming or by hand 

*Attach 2 signs back to back for double sided display

*Plexi glass protects LED Lights from potential damage

*Available in colors like red, green, yellow,white,omber.

*Easy installation, with quick power and signal connections

*Built with very high quality, durable, light weight steel frame

*Wireless remote control with up to 300 feet direct line of sight.

*Waterproof/weatherproof (protected by a clear acrylic front cover).

*Simple Installation (mounting brackets included,no assembly required)

*User rriendly remote controller makes adjusting prices simple and easy

*Available in various sizes:select a height: 4",6",7",8",10",12",14",16",18",20",24".

*Choose from varied regional formats like 8, 8.8, 8.88, 8.888, 8.88 9/10 and many more.

*Housing material: weatherproof steel casing with clear acrylic front protective cover

*IP 65(Ingress protection rating) makes it withstand all weather as well as natural calamities.

*3" super-slim profile and ultra-lightweight construction Installs into existing sign with little or no retrofitting

*2-year limited product warranty.

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

 12 Inch Red LED Gas Price Signs Packaging Details:

Price sign size:970*370*60mm

Single net weight:9kg/pcs

Outer package:110*40*32cm



1CBM -28pcs

20' GP-784PCS

40' GP-1568PCS

LED  gas price signs

    RF Remote Instruction of LED Gas Price Sign

Note: Thank you for using our LED gas sign!    

1.Before you operating, please press (button 8)

 2.Press the button not too fast.

 How to Modify the Digital:

  Step 1: Under the display working, press(button 3) and the first digit will begin to flash.

  Step 2: Press(button 1), the flash digit will INCREASE by one.

            Press(button 2), the flash digit will DECREASE by one.

  Step 3: Press (button 6) to switch the dot; press (button 7) to switch the digit.

  Step 4: Press(button 4), the flash digit will shift to the next digit on the RIGHT,

            Press(button 3), the flash digit will shift to the next digit on the LEFT.

  Step 5: Press (button 8 ) to save all programming.

How to Set Brightness:

  Step 1: Under the display working,press (button 5), all digits will begin to flash.

  Step 1: Press (button 1),the sign become more bright; Press (button 2),the price sign become darker; "A"means auto brightness by CDS sensor.

  Step 3: Press (button 8) to save all programming.

How to Set the Digit Flashing:

  Step 1: Press (button 6), all the digits change the same: 0(still),1(fast), (slow)

  Step 2: Press (button 1), the flash speed will INCREASE by one.

  Step 3: Press (button 2), the flash speed will DECREASE by one.

  Step 4: Press (button 8) to save all programming. 

Function of button:

  1 Digit-Up -(button 1): The flashing digit on the price sign will INCREASE by one.

  2 Digit-Down-(button 2) : The flashing digit on the price sign will DECREASE by one. 

  3 Edit-(button 3) :

    Press 1 time to enter EDIT mode, and the first digit will begin to flash. 

    In EDIT mode:press (button 3), the flash digit will shift to the next digit on the LEFT,

  4 Shift-Right-(button 4) :

    The flash digit will shift to the next digit on the RIGHT,for each individual price sign.  

  5 Setting Brightness- (button 5) :

    Press (button 5 ) to enter SET BRIGHTNESS mode, and all digit will begin to flash.

  6 Switch-dot&all flash model(button 6) :

    In EDIT model,press (button 6 )to switch the dot. Under the display working, press (button 6) to set flash speed.

  7 Switch-digit-(button 7) :

     Press button (button 7)  to switch the digit.

  8 Confirm - (button 8) :

    Press (button 8) to save all programming.         

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

LED  gas price signs

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What are the lead times for LED Price Signs?

Upon payment, we will eventually process your order. However a lead time of 16 days is required. Because haste makes waste, we give our team enough time to bring about personalized price screen for you.

2.What do the gas price signs come with?

Our price screens come with everything you need to operate such as a control box, cables, and remote.

3.What is the warranty policy should the screens arrive damaged?

We are pleased to offer our convenient warranty policy.

4.What color do these gas signs come in?

The screens are usually available in colors of Red, Green, Yellow and White.

5.What sizes do these gas signs come in?

The size of the screens is determined by the letter’s height. We offer screens from 8" up to 72". Please refer to sizes for information. Also, do not forget that you can customize your order with the help of our Custom LED price screen form.

6.What formats do these gas signs come in?

The Screen Formats are available in 8.88, 8.888, 8.888 9/10 and 8.88 8/8,Allow our customer service support to help you find the right regional format that you need.

7.How long do price signs last?

Our screens can last an average of 6 years.

8.Can you keep them on all day & night? And if so, will it affect the longevity?

Yes, you can keep them on 24/7 without affecting the longevity.

9.How to install the gas price sigsn?

Please click here to see Installation Diagram.

10.Can I get a different combination of  screens than what appears on the website?

Yes, please fill out our custom request form for a custom quote if you need different sizes or combinations of colors.

11.How do you pack the screens?

We pack with utmost care to prevent breakage during shipping. Please refer to how we pack for more details.

12.Can you provide the solution of accessory?

Yes,we can.We are professional in LED price gas signs.

13.Can you provide finished product solution for exhibition or bid?

Yes,we can,please refer the website,but the the lead time is longer.

14.Can you provide the digital board as the size of customing?

Yes,we can. If you want custom please contact us.

LED  gas price signs

HIDLY is a profession manufactory to produce led price gas signs , our main markets are in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We manage our factory on comparatively higher modern production level with a consummate quality guarantee system, ensuring our products with high quality to follow the new trends of domestic and foreign markets;If you want custom please contact us or have a question or comment? We want to hear from you! Facebook:HIDLYCARE, Email: H@HIDLY.CN.

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