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LED Pharmacy Cross Display:P8160RGB

HIDLY'S LED pharmacy cross display integrated with optics, wlectron, mechanism, and computer technology. Using novelty and special LED display method, based on the principle of energy efficient,Fully utilize the display efficiency of single color LED. The biggest feature of our LED pharmacy cross display is utilizing cross display area,using single color and double color mixed way to show dynamic, word, time, date and temperature, to reach amazing display effect.
LED pharmacy cross display
LED pharmacy cross display
Why HIDLY LED Pharmacy Cross display?
Warranty:2 years
Easy to install and operate
Wireless PC programmable by cross edit software
Unmatched brightness,even if the sun is directly on it.
Safe and cool to the touch and install in just a few minutes.
Adopt novel led display technology, display plane dynamic image in cross area.
Adopt video grade double color LED, display images steadily, colorful and clearly
All of our led pharamcy cross display are 100% made by hand and use only  CE listed transformers
Image display device integrated with optics, electron, mechanism, computer and wireless communication technology.
Display real-time content. Customer can deal with dynamic file on computer with the special software offered by us. Then send it to LED pharmacy cross to show via wire or wireless communication way.
LED pharmacy cross display
LED pharmacy cross display
  LED Pharmacy Cross display Specifications :
2)Pixel pitch:8mm.
3)Display color: full color
4)Life span:50000hrs
5)Communication: net
6)Placement style: wall mount
7)Power consumption: 1000W
8)Viewing angle: H120/ V45
10)Display dimension:1280mm*1280mm
11)Frame material: steel.
12)Working voltage: AC 176—264V/47-63HZ
13)Transportation caution: anti-humidity,anti-shake
14)Display content: animation,graphics,word,time,temperature
15)Display Pixels: each side 1280pixels, double face:total 2560 pixels.
16)Working environment: temperature -20°C- 70°C,humidity 95 %
17)Languages: software support in English, French, Spanish ,Greece and Italian.
LED pharmacy cross display
LED pharmacy cross display
LED pharmacy cross display
LED Pharmacy Cross display Packaging Details:
Single weight:50 kg
Quantity:2 pcs/CTN
Gross weight(2PCS):128 kg
Outer package:142*142*32 cm
1CBM-3 pcs
20' GP-84 pcs
40' GP-168pcs
LED pharmacy cross display
LED pharmacy cross display
LED pharmacy cross display
LED pharmacy cross display
Frequently Asked Questions
1.What are the lead times for LED pharmacy cross display?
Upon payment, we will eventually process your order. However a lead time of 12 days is required. Because haste makes waste, we give our team enough time to bring about personalized price screen for you.
2.What do the LED pharmacy cross display come with?
HIDLY'S LED pharmacy cross display come with everything you need to operate such as led sign, adapter, and metal box.
3.What is the warranty policy should the LED pharmacy cross display arrive damaged?
We are pleased to offer our convenient warranty policy.
4.What color do these LED pharmacy cross display come in?
The LED pharmacy cross display are usually available in colors of green, red, blue.
5.What sizes do these LED pharmacy cross display come in?
The size of the display is determined by the pix. We offer signs from 48 pixes or 96 pixes. 
6.How long do the LED pharmacy cross displays last?
Our led signs can last an average of 6 years.
7.Can you keep them on all day and night? And if so, will it affect the longevity?
Yes, you can keep them on 24/7 without affecting the longevity.
8.How do you pack theLED pharmacy cross display?
We pack with utmost care to prevent breakage during shipping. Please refer to how we pack for more details.
9.Can you provide the solution of accessory?
Yes,we can.We are professional in LED pharmacy cross display.
10.Can you provide finished product solution for exhibition or bid?
 Yes,we can,please refer the website,but the the lead time is longer.
11.Can you provide the LED pharmacy cross display as the size of customing?
Yes,we can. If you want custom please contact us.
LED pharmacy cross display
HIDLY is a profession manufactory to produce LED pharmacy cross display, our main markets are in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We manage our factory on comparatively higher modern production level with a consummate quality guarantee system, ensuring our products with high quality to follow the new trends of domestic and foreign markets;If you want custom.
please contact us or have a question or comment?
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