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The Standard Three Kinds of Gas Signs for Station

Gas sign finished-product solution
 LED Gas Sign Solution A-Finished Product:
Gas sign finished product solution
Packing List: finished led gas price display, power line, remoter, antenna, light sensor.
Advantage: Perfect complete design, save appearance designing time and cabinet producing time, shorten the project period.
Disadvantage: Relatively, difficulties on packing and transportation for big size, higher costs on transportation.
   A.While size is less than 3m--- recommend this solution (beyond 3m, in general split it into two parts)
   B.Europe-America and other expensive labor countries or regions--- recommend this solution.
   C.Designing or supporting backward areas ---recommend this solution.
   D.Trial order for the first time---recommend this solution.
   E.Use for exhibition or bid for show---recommend this solution.
LED Gas Signs Solution B-Semi-Finished Product:
Gas Signs Semi-Finished Product

Packing List: controller, led gas sign with cabinet, power line, data line, remoter, antenna , light sensor。Advantage: compared to finished product solution, packaging and transportation is more convenient, compared to the suite solution, reduced a lot of internal wiring, simplify the assemblage of the led gas price sign .
Disadvantage: reduced the flexibility of the overall design.Difficulty in assemblage.
   A.Have experience in appearance designing and producing,but poor electric technology--- recommend this solution
   B.Update the old LED gas price display--- recommend this solution
   C.Trial order for the first time--- recommend this solution
   D.Use for exhibition or bid for show---recommend this solution.
LED Gas Sign Solution C-Accessory Solution:
  Gas Ssign Accessory Solution
Packing List:power supply, control card, digital board, power line, data line, remoter, antenna, light sensor.
Advantage:the overall design of the LED gas price sign will be more flexible ,the most convenient and cost-efficient on transportation.
Disadvantage:little difficulty in internal wiring. Assembly technology is needed. know assembly technology and waterproofing work is needed.
   A.Ordered for many times, be very familiar with LED products, more flexible design appearance, be very familiar with LED gas signs, Pursuit of lower costs---recommend this solution.
   B.Great experience on appearance designing and producing, having the basic electric assembling technology.----recommend this solution
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